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Back at Owens

As most of your know my first review was of Owen’s Pub in North Wildwood. Let me just say I’ve been back twice since Christmas alone.

The service from Owen’s is always stellar. I had Jenny again the first time I went back and she could remember what I drank months ago and what my vegetarian friend had to eat that night (which he couldn’t remember himself). Jenny was, of course, super attentive. Then I went back a few nights later and had Mary, who was equally as awesome. She was able to sit and just hang out with us since it was the end of the evening. It was nice. You really feel like you have friends who work at Owen’s not just someone doing their job.

My food was fantastic as usual. The first time I got a chicken caesar salad. I eat kind of slow and it took me an hour to finish this salad it was so massive. It was probably one of the best chicken caesar salads I’ve ever had. My next night out I got one of their burgers (without the bread) and it was fantastic. Cooked to perfection I must say. I always get burgers well done and usually they come out charred. This was different. It was actually cooked correctly. You should applaud yourselves on that one Owen’s.

I honestly can say Owen’s has become one of m favorite places in town. I can’t wait to go back for “name that tune” night or one of their other festive evenings.


Bike Tours: A Unique Feature of Cape May, NJ

In Cape May, during the summer months especially, almost no one drives on the island.  It is traditionally a biker’s town.  There are bike racks on every single street, in front of most restaurants, and all along the beach front.  The island is so tiny that there is virtually no need to really drive anywhere, it’s just a hassle and a waste of gas (unless of course you live off the island).

The abundance of bars in Cape May is also no secret.  The nightlife is thrives over the summer and continues from the locals well into the winter.  If one puts the bars and the luxury of biking everywhere together it should come as no shock that Cape May is home to the “Bike Tour.”

Bike Tours include a group of people wearing similar t-shirts that they have designed traveling to the bars via bike and trying a drink at each place they stop.  They list the bars they plan to hit on the back of their t-shirts.  The key is to go during the day (that way you hit happy hours).  It is also impossible to start these things at night as they can take hours and Cape May closes at 2 am.  I notice people tend to begin around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and do not stop until 2 am.

The close proximity of these bars is vital to the success.  The island itself is only 2.4 square miles of land area.  With at least 15 bars within two miles it is easy to see why there is such mass success with these types of tours.

I am always to chicken to go on these bike tours.  I am lucky to ride a bike without falling off these days, let alone trying it while intoxicated.  I often wonder how the police in Cape May feel about these infamous tours.  Who better to ask than a summer cop?  Billy Kocis, long time resident, just completed his first summer with Cape May as a police officer.  According to him, “it’s good to see people out and about in the community but when they do this they have to be sensible about what they are doing.  We do not arrest a lot of people but we do on occasion when they get too out of control.”  It’s pretty difficult to get yourself into too much trouble here if you’re being smart about it.

I know my friends absolutely love this aspect of Cape May.  It was weekly I would find myself leaving work and I would see a friend of mine out on their bike.  Every time I’d ask what they were up to the response was always the same, “Bike Tour with so and so.”  Kayla Dodge did her first bike tour this summer with the C-View Inn crowd.  “My favorite part about bike tours is not the drinking, it’s the pack of friends associated with it and the humor involved in getting from point A to B. It makes you realize how special living at the shore is.  Not everyone can ride their bike from bar to bar with 100 people wearing goofy shirts with the goal of making it to the last bar on the list,” Dodge had to say about her tour.

It seems that everyone is on board with the bike tours from the locals partaking and the police enjoying the unique communal aspect it brings.  So for everyone looking to experience the bike tour sensation this summer check out this map I made for you.

Drinking Responsibly

We’ve been having a great time the past few months exploring different bars.  I love going out and sampling all types of drinks so everyone knows the best places to go in Cape May and Wildwood.  However, I thought I would share this article that came out November 9, 2012.  The article states that the  closer one lives to the bar the more often one is prone to drinking.  When they say close to the bar they mean within half a mile (aka walking distance).  So, while I want us to go out and have fun I hope all my readers are drinking responsibly.

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A Review of the C-View Inn in Cape May, NJ

This week I went to the C-View Inn (nicknamed just “The C-View”) in beautiful Cape May, NJ for their ever popular “Wing Night“. This is certainly the local’s spot. Before I walked in I saw numerous people I knew and the bar was filled with even more locals.

I was shocked that there was no wait Wednesday night. I know most of the time the wait is at least half an hour, even for a party of two. I will certainly say the food is well worth the usual wait.

The specials on a Wednesday night are fantastic; 39¢ wings and tons of beer specials. What’s better than beer and wings? I had a Blue Moon, which was a 23 oz Blue Moon for only $4! The C-View has daily specials on food and drink.

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