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A Review of the Dogtooth In Wildwood, New Jersey

Friday evening I went to Dogtooth in Wildwood.  I’ve never been to the Dogtooth before so I went in with a completely open mind.

I was pleasantly surprised with the decor.  Certainly classier than the name leads on.  It was “Name that Tune” night so the bar was completely crowded.  I waited about an hour to find enough bar stools to fit my small party of three.  My Cosmopolitan was also quite good.  The DJ Gabe was great too.  He literally played the most random assortment of music I’ve ever heard.  Anything my friend requested he was more than willing to play.

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A Review of Owen’s Pub In North Wildwood

We’ve finally made it to my first real review of a bar!

Thursday evening I stopped in Owen’s Pub in North Wildwood for just a quick drink and some apps.  Certainly was the best way to end my school week I assure you!  I’ve been to Owen’s a few times and I usually get the same thing (some type of draft beer and something I probably should not be eating) however for the sake of reviewing purposes I thought I would mix it up for you.

Let’s start with the overall appearance and atmosphere of Owen’s.  I think the theme is clear with the Irish flag proudly displayed outside and the use of term “pub” instead of “bar.”  I also know that they do have a native Irishman working the bar.  You certainly get the feel for an Irish bar here at Owen’s.  They also cater to the community and are proud of it.  The back wall has an homage to North Wildwood and there are various North Wildwood photographs all over the place.  I truly respect the tribute that this establishment makes to the locals.  This cannot be a local’s Irish type of bar without having a place for the locals to go for their sports entertainment.  21 flat screens lined the walls of Owen’s.  It was no surprise that on a Thursday evening then that there were a limited number of bar stools and tables left.


A tribute to the locals


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What Makes a Great Bar

I wanted to dedicate this post to things I thought everyone should know before we begin our adventure so that we are all on the same page.  I’ll take the time to explain what makes the perfect mixed drink, perfect bar food, and what overall makes for a great bar, etc!

First let’s start with the perfect cocktail recipe.  There is a secret to making the perfect libation.

  • If the drink is too sweet do not count on many people ordering a second.
  • On the other hand, when the bartender thinks they are helping out the customer by making the drink incredibly strong a second one is going to be ordered way later than normal.  No one wants to choke down a Cosmopolitan.
  • The perfect cocktail has three parts to it.  The liquor, the sweet and the sour.  Of course we can play around with these things but that is the basic cocktail.

Our perfect mixed drinks at the Wharf in Wildwood. Photo by Ashley Hoff

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Welcome to my new blogging adventure!

My name’s Ashley and I am a senior English major at Rowan University.

I’m so excited that you can be a part of my journey through the bars in my hometown.  We’ll be spending the next few months reviewing the bars in the Cape May and Wildwood area.  I’ll be featuring some local bar owners, get some anecdotes from our bartenders and servers and much more!  It’s going to be an exciting few months!

Let Drunken Disasters and Culinary Masters be your guide to the best bars in this seaside retreat!

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