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A Review of the Ugly Mug in Cape May, NJ

I feel like it has been forever since my last review! I went to the Ugly Mug in Cape May when I was making my decision about this blog and creepily enough I kept all of my receipts and remember everything about that trip.

I love going to the Mug.  It’s such a local’s place which can be good or bad depending on whether or not you want a high school reunion that day.  The Mug is a tiny place located in the heart of Cape May.  The size is perfect for any day but Tuesday’s when they have their Terrible Tuesday’s (2 dollar Miller Lites).  The Mug never has a cover which is also fantastic.  One can always find a good source of entertainment here too.  Whether it’s a local band or a DJ there is always something going on here.

Drinks are affordable depending on who you know.  I’ve been there and ordered three drinks for the price of one or I’ve had four drinks cost 35 dollars.  I never know what to expect when I get my bar tab.  I would say that the standard price of drinks is probably higher than other places I’ve been. They do have a great selection of beers and wines that I highly recommend to those not on my budget.

The menu does not have prices listed.  While the food is good I know on my college budget I cannot afford to eat there.  When I went in September I ordered chicken tenders (I know that shocks everyone here) and my bill was 16 dollars.  This is just a little too much for me, personally.  The food is great even at the current price.

The service at the Mug is impeccable.  When ordering food at the bar all one must do is leave their menu up and a server will be over to you in less than a minute.  I saw this for numerous people, not just myself.  The bartenders are quick and attentive as well, which we all know I value in the highest regard.  You certainly will not get anything short of great service here.

The Mug is fantastic in the summer making it a must go when visiting Cape May.  If you’re going on a Tuesday night make sure you’re there earlier rather than later.


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2 thoughts on “A Review of the Ugly Mug in Cape May, NJ

  1. angela0513 on said:

    This place is one of my summer spots….. but you have to do Carney’s!! That’s my favorite :))

  2. mary soper on said:

    Thanks for reviewing the Ugly Mug , love the Ocean Burgers, I havent been there in years, that was a summer spot for me in my younger years.

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