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A Review of the C-View Inn in Cape May, NJ

This week I went to the C-View Inn (nicknamed just “The C-View”) in beautiful Cape May, NJ for their ever popular “Wing Night“. This is certainly the local’s spot. Before I walked in I saw numerous people I knew and the bar was filled with even more locals.

I was shocked that there was no wait Wednesday night. I know most of the time the wait is at least half an hour, even for a party of two. I will certainly say the food is well worth the usual wait.

The specials on a Wednesday night are fantastic; 39¢ wings and tons of beer specials. What’s better than beer and wings? I had a Blue Moon, which was a 23 oz Blue Moon for only $4! The C-View has daily specials on food and drink.

Our server, Jackie, was incredibly knowledgeable about the menu and the items behind the bar. When my friend asked about their sweetest wine she immediately asked “red or white.” I always appreciate the “red or white” question from a server.

My friend, J.M. Buscham, ordered the Tomato Basil soup and I do have to say it looked pretty appetizing. The soup was also featured on the special’s board and Jackie was kind enough to point it out as well.

Let’s get to those wings, they were amazing like always. People will stand outside in the snow and wait to get in on “Wing Night.” If you’re willing to wait in the snow for some wings, they must be good. The C-View cooks the wings with the sauce so they have that baked in taste. I certainly prefer them this way, less mess and better flavor.

Let’s talk about the atmosphere of the C-View. Like I stated it is a local’s place. Everyone is incredibly friendly here, even Jackie was making jokes with us all night. This establishment has 8 large T.V.’s making it the perfect place for game day.

This was definitely a great stop on my bar reviewing journey!

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2 thoughts on “A Review of the C-View Inn in Cape May, NJ

  1. kateimbriano on said:

    I really enjoyed your blog topic! Mine is similar, but I love that yours is in regards to bars at the beach/down the shore. Have you considered going to Northern Jersey beach bars as well? Too bad it’s not summer anymore!


    • I think eventually ill venture out but since I live in Cape May it’s easier to just stay here for now with classes. I checked out your blog it’s such a great idea! You’re doing an excellent job

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