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A Feature of the Bayshore in North Cape May, New Jersey

This week I’ve decided to feature one of our bars and get the inside scoop.

I stopped in The Bayshore Inn of North Cape May.  I wanted to talk to the longtime bartender and one of the waitresses to get the inside scoop on The Bayshore.

William Rodden has been tending bar at the Bayshore for the last 15 years and Dianna Bentley has been a server here for the last 10 years.  They’ve been through numerous owners, renovations, etc  If anyone would know this bar it would be them!

Let;s get down to the nitty-gritty and find out what they had to say about their place of business!

  • I asked Bill how long the bar has been open and I was completely shocked when he told me that they opened in 1965 and “have not been closed a day since.”

I inquired about why it was that the Bayshore was different from any other establishment they’ve worked in and what keeps them coming back.  They both answered incredibly similarly.

  • According to Bill “it’s the people.  Some people are good for three months and we’re good for 12.” 
  • Dianna said it was the regulars that kept her here.  It’s a real sense of community and friendship here.

I know that the Bayshore in the last few years has come under new ownership.  I asked “how have the new owners changed the dynamic of the bar?”    

  • Dianna: They’re good hardworking men.  When I’m here, they’re here.  They struggle along side myself.  They also changed the look of the place.
  • Bill: They’re good guys.  I like them.

I needed to know what was unique about the Bayshore, why should people come here instead of the other bars available?

  • Bill: “you didn’t notice it yet” (In reference to the crowd)
  • Dianna: Customer’s range from their 20’s to their 80’s in the same hour.  There is a great variety of people here.  Everyone is so open.  We don’t care about your age, religion, class, etc.  There is a real camaraderie here. 

The Bayshore has a lot to offer everyone!  Some quick facts about the Bayshore:

  1. Bands every Friday and Saturday
  2. It is located right on Bayshore Road in North Cape May
  3. Karaoke every Tuesday
  4. Daily lunch and dinner specials!
  5. Lobster Bisque to die for every Saturday
  6. According to Dianna “Bill is the ultimate bartender.  He can talk and work and never misses a beat.  He does more than his share.”

These are simply a few reasons to visit the Bayshore.  I encourage all of my readers to check out this local secret!


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2 thoughts on “A Feature of the Bayshore in North Cape May, New Jersey

  1. Awesome Blog! I’m totally going to start following you, so i can get the inside scoop on all of these awesome places. Your layout is easy to read as well!

  2. First of all, I love this blog concept! You had great quotes the only thing is I would add some pictures of the restaurants you are featuring in your blog post that week.

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