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A Review of Cj’s American Grill in North Cape May, NJ

Tonight I decided to visit Cj’s American Grill in North Cape May, New Jersey.  Luckily for Kayla and I the bar was not crowded and we were able to find a table immediately.

Let’s just say Cj’s has an excellent beer menu!  Certainly one of the best I’ve ever seen with 9 beers on tap (some local) and 28 bottled beers.  The wine list is incredibly similar; there is something for everyone on these lists.

The extensive beer list
Photo courtesy of Ashley Hoff

Image The wonderful wine list
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Some Local Breweries and Wineries

Sometimes we all don’t really feel like going out to the bar and I thought I’d share some local places to get great home brews and wines!

First on our list is Cape May’s first ever brewery.  2011 The Cape Brewing Company was established.  It was slightly shocking to discover it took us that long to get our own brewery considering the abundance of amazing wineries we have to offer.  Cape May Brewing Company is located in our airport and brew 9 different beers right now according to their website.  They have something for everyone.  They also do tours every weekend.  

Next we have the Cape May Winery.  While it’s not technically located in Cape May, it’s only a hop skip and a jump over the bridge on Townbank Rd. You can find Cape May’s wine’s in a few local restaurants in the Cape May area.  They also do tours for a steal of a price! You can sample 6 wines for 6 dollars and then keep the glass.  The Cape May Winery does a variety of different events and dinners each month!

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A Review of the C-View Inn in Cape May, NJ

This week I went to the C-View Inn (nicknamed just “The C-View”) in beautiful Cape May, NJ for their ever popular “Wing Night“. This is certainly the local’s spot. Before I walked in I saw numerous people I knew and the bar was filled with even more locals.

I was shocked that there was no wait Wednesday night. I know most of the time the wait is at least half an hour, even for a party of two. I will certainly say the food is well worth the usual wait.

The specials on a Wednesday night are fantastic; 39¢ wings and tons of beer specials. What’s better than beer and wings? I had a Blue Moon, which was a 23 oz Blue Moon for only $4! The C-View has daily specials on food and drink.

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A Feature of the Bayshore in North Cape May, New Jersey

This week I’ve decided to feature one of our bars and get the inside scoop.

I stopped in The Bayshore Inn of North Cape May.  I wanted to talk to the longtime bartender and one of the waitresses to get the inside scoop on The Bayshore.

William Rodden has been tending bar at the Bayshore for the last 15 years and Dianna Bentley has been a server here for the last 10 years.  They’ve been through numerous owners, renovations, etc  If anyone would know this bar it would be them!

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