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A Review of the Dogtooth In Wildwood, New Jersey

Friday evening I went to Dogtooth in Wildwood.  I’ve never been to the Dogtooth before so I went in with a completely open mind.

I was pleasantly surprised with the decor.  Certainly classier than the name leads on.  It was “Name that Tune” night so the bar was completely crowded.  I waited about an hour to find enough bar stools to fit my small party of three.  My Cosmopolitan was also quite good.  The DJ Gabe was great too.  He literally played the most random assortment of music I’ve ever heard.  Anything my friend requested he was more than willing to play.

I am sad to say this is where the greatness of the night ended.

  1. After waiting an hour for a seat at the bar I noticed everyone’s bar glasses were empty.  I sat there for 20 minutes with an empty drink in front of me along with numerous other people.
  2. It also took over 20 minutes to get anyone to take my order after a menu was in front of me.
  3. Once I got food it was burnt and it was apparent that the oil used was older.

The crowd died down dramatically after “Name that Tune” and having worked in the restaurant industry for many years I know that service like that is inexcusable, especially when your crowd is almost nonexistent.

The locals were great, the music was great, my drinks when I finally got them were great.

I am more than willing to give Dogtooth a second chance, just not on a Friday night I suppose.

Please let me know if you’ve had similar, worse, or better experiences.  I’d love to get some feedback on this.


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6 thoughts on “A Review of the Dogtooth In Wildwood, New Jersey

  1. Let’s see. You say the bar was “completely crowded”, and you had to wait “an hour to find enough bar stools to fit your small party of three”? 1) So where did you wait for an hour? A table? Or you stood around?? 2) What time did you get there? The bar itself isn’t THAT big. If you get there at at rush time on a busy night, what do you expect, immediate seating? Next time try getting there at a reasonable time and you won’t have to wait, as common sense will find any bar goer. Do you realize you’re going to a very popular bar, both OFF season (now) and on? The bar will be busy regardless of how patient you are. Welcome to Wildwood, where the assortment of bar choices are extremely limited. Again, you say the bar was “completely crowded”, yet you’re complaining it took awhile to get your drinks? Have you ever actually been to a busy bar, where the bartenders not only have to make drinks but also take food orders, let alone punch them into a computer?? How many bartenders were there for this “completely crowded” bar? I’d bet no more than two. So you finally got your drinks after the crowd died…well that makes sense now doesn’t it? Less people = less busy bartenders = you get your drinks faster. The food: what exactly did you order? What time exactly did you order it? How do you know for a fact the “oil used was older”?? How are you going to judge a bar based on one SINGLE food order? Were you there for the late night or non late night menu? I’d suggest another visit before such a harsh, and obviously misinformed review.

  2. Let me quickly clarify some things. I frequent numerous bars and as I said I’ve never been to Dogtooth before and I said it was “name that tune” night I never complained about the seating issue. I understand how it is. I am complaining about drinks because the bartenders were standing around chatting and almost the entire bar’s glasses were empty. One bartender kept disappearing outside, now it was raining so no one was out there and I’m 99% sure the kitchen is not located outside. Also it took 25 minutes to get a drink once the bar had less than 30 people in it. I did say it died down after “name that tune” ended. However when one bartender vanished the other would stand around and talk to some “gentlemen” who were hooting and hollering at her. If your entire bar has an empty glass, fill it, do not flirt with these men. That’s all I’m asking for here. I’m also not basing my judgment of food solely on the wings I got. Someone else got Calamari and there is a certain taste food gets when the oil needs to be changed. Both of these items had this taste to it.

    I stated I want to go back and give it a second chance just not during “name that tune” night and I hope for a better outcome.

    I appreciate your comment Matt and look forward to hearing from you again.

  3. I went to the dogtooth the other day for lunch and wasn’t impressed either. There was a roach crawling on the wall by our table. When I pointed it out to a waitress she just squished it with a napkin and walked off. I was disgusted! Our food was lackluster and took quite a while for a salad (the chicken in my salad was nasty too) and a burger. I doubt I’ll be returning anytime soon!!

  4. Good ol’ South Jersey bar life. Your layout is phenomenal as well as your content. I’m impressed with all your story ideas…Continue to represent our Cape May territory. The electronic world needs to be informed how we roll in Cape May. It’s great how you display the atmosphere of each bar and your experience as well. Keep it up Ash.

  5. Thanks Ry! I appreciate it

  6. Buzzworthyblog on said:

    Yeoo lady, I dig this. I think it’s a solid post idea and like the way you encourage comments. I’d be stoked on more participation within my blog.

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