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A Review of Owen’s Pub In North Wildwood

We’ve finally made it to my first real review of a bar!

Thursday evening I stopped in Owen’s Pub in North Wildwood for just a quick drink and some apps.  Certainly was the best way to end my school week I assure you!  I’ve been to Owen’s a few times and I usually get the same thing (some type of draft beer and something I probably should not be eating) however for the sake of reviewing purposes I thought I would mix it up for you.

Let’s start with the overall appearance and atmosphere of Owen’s.  I think the theme is clear with the Irish flag proudly displayed outside and the use of term “pub” instead of “bar.”  I also know that they do have a native Irishman working the bar.  You certainly get the feel for an Irish bar here at Owen’s.  They also cater to the community and are proud of it.  The back wall has an homage to North Wildwood and there are various North Wildwood photographs all over the place.  I truly respect the tribute that this establishment makes to the locals.  This cannot be a local’s Irish type of bar without having a place for the locals to go for their sports entertainment.  21 flat screens lined the walls of Owen’s.  It was no surprise that on a Thursday evening then that there were a limited number of bar stools and tables left.


A tribute to the locals



More pictures to honor the local community



Let’s move past the look and get down the drinks, food and service.  There is literally one word to describe all three: excellent.  Our server, Jenny, was incredibly attentive (without being the hovering type,  I really hate when servers do that) and knowledgeable.  She could rattle off prices, wine lists, anything you asked about Owen’s Jenny knew the answer.

  • The friend I went with is a vegetarian and forgot to order no meat on the Nachos we had ordered, she had no problem promptly fixing this error on our part.
  • I ordered a Cosmo, that was fantastic.  Not only did she bring me a Cosmo but she brought a glass that had the surplus of my drink that the bartender had made.
  • The same went for the wine my friend, Jeff, got.  She brought the wine and a side so he could refill his glass at his leisure.
  • The food was incredibly large and delicious.  More than enough to bring home for a great price.

My Cosmo with a little something extra!



Quick facts about Owen’s

  1. Located on 17th and New Jersey in North Wildwood
  2. Cheesesteak Monday ~ 1.95 Cheesesteaks!
  3. Kitchen closes around 12 or 12:30 on the weekends and 10 on weekdays
  4. ATM located inside the bar
  5. Music selection constantly changing (great for everyone)
  6. Excellent Happy Hour and different themed days such as Name that Tune, Trivia, Etc

Happy Hour Board!



All photos taken by myself Thursday night.

I really encourage everyone to check out Owen’s whenever they can!


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11 thoughts on “A Review of Owen’s Pub In North Wildwood

  1. I love Owen’s it is very affordable. And a great place to go with just adults or children in tow!

  2. Great Review! On to the next one!

  3. What a great review! You are getting up there girl! Bars are going to be contacting YOU soon! I’m sure they appreciate this review. If only I was 21… 😦

  4. Jim Dantonio on said:

    My favorite place in North Wildwood

  5. Annette on said:

    This is a must stop at EVERY time we come down. Also have to bring home cheesesteak sandwiches to my kids when they don’t get to come down with us. Love Owens.

  6. Nick MONAGHAN on said:

    This bar has been like a second home, I have been going since they open . I know most of the waitresses and bartenders,, the unfortunate part is they know me The food is great, the service is excellent, atmosphere is awesome Thank you Mike and TJ creating this Irish Pub
    Nick Monaghan

  7. Kathleen on said:

    Everything you say is true, but now you have made it that much harder to get a seat at the bar. Kudo’s to the staff at Owens!!! Well deserved review.

  8. I think this is a powerfull website with a lot interesting topics about this stuff. And i just wanna say thanks for this. I’ll follow your blog to see if you post more stuff like these!

  9. On behalf of everyone here at Owens Pub THANK YOU! Many people have read this and have commented to us about it. Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you again and again!!! Once again, THANK YOU!

  10. JimWmSon on said:

    yep – $2 cheesesteaks and $1 drafts on Mondays is tghe place to be.
    Get there early. Ha!

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